Question by SteveO1608: Is Obama care a good thing to help get control of the outrageous health costs?
Example I went to a walk in clinic and I needed a tetnus shot, I waited two hours and was seen by the Dr. for 5 minutes she asked me a few question and never checked my BP, heart rate, nothing and then had her nurse give me the shot. They charged my insurance company after my $ 25.00 co-pay $ 293.00 that is ridiculous, maybe Obama care will help bring these outrageous cost that health care charges down. what say you?

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Answer by Joel
Definelty , obama care covers these chargers, copay consultation shots, everything but cosmetics. the bad part is you are assigned to a doctor or clinic,

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Question by old_lew: Is it insane for the USA to spend 662 billion dollars on defense?
Is it insane for the USA to spend 662 billion dollars on defense when 15.1 percent of its population lives in poverty and over 50 million cannot afford health care?

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Answer by Hrankta
The only thing that is insane is not demanding other countries pay us protection. It is because of our military that other countries don’t have to spend as much.

Besides, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare, and interest on the debt make up about 67% of the federal budget, more than we take in. The entire military could disappear tomorrow and we would still be running a deficit.

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Question by Doc Holliday Communist: How much longer can the United States hold its position of becoming the world’s most wasteful shoppers of power?
utilizing 20% with only five% of the population, producing the most garbage in the world and allocate income to finance 50% of all military spending?

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Answer by Shovel Prepared
I question your idea of “waste.” I, for one particular, do not waste power, I use power. Defense spending seems like an odd thing to throw in to your question.

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American Fork, UT (PRWEB) November 30, 2012

The Adoption Center, a full-service, Utah adoption agency that specializes in placing infants, is an active supporter and participant in November’s National Adoption Month. The agency, which provides housing, food and cell phones to birth mothers, has placed 1,200 children and is one of Utah’s most respected adoption agencies.

The Children’s Bureau, part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, funds the National Adoption Month initiative each November. President Barack Obama recently touched upon the importance of the month, stating that as a nation, the United States must ensure that children grow up knowing the love and protection of a permanent family.

We remain committed to helping every child find a loving home, said James Webb, Founder and CEO of The Adoption Center. My staff works hard, assuring that the adoption process goes smoothly for both the birth mother and the adoptive parents.

The Adoption Center works with both adoptive parents and birth mothers to place infants in good homes. The robust program provides housing, food budgets and other necessities to women waiting to give birth for the program, as well as significant counseling and support.

Birth mothers are encouraged to contact The Adoption Center for a confidential conversation with one of the professional staff members, who will answer any questions and provide additional information about the program, as needed. Birth mothers can also visit The Adoption Center’s website at


The Adoption Center of Choice is an adoption agency that is licensed in the state of Utah and has specialized in infant adoptions since 1995. The full-service agency provides food, housing, cell phones and counseling to mothers who choose to give up their babies for adoption, as well as other resources for families wishing to adopt. The Adoption Center’ staff is composed of caring individuals including adoptive parents, birth parents, adoptees and professionals that have extensive knowledge about adoption. With 17 years of experience and more than 1,200 successful adoptions, both the physical and mental well-being of the child and birth mother are top priorities for The Adoption Center.


Question by tamikamika2003: Why Does It cost a lot more for out of state students to go to college?
I’m searching at going to a school in NY but I reside in Mass. For in state students it only expenses $ three,000 and for out of state students cost $ ten,000. Wow! That is a large distinction. I just was questioning why the cost distinction.

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Answer by eri
The individuals who live in state have been supporting the state colleges by way of their tax dollars. Some states have larger taxes and devote a lot more on education, so it is not fair to come in from a state that gave virtually no tax funds to education and then get a wonderful education from a state where you have not been paying taxes.

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Question by Derek: What are the 3 most critical concerns to you politically?
This query is sort of a political survey. I am trying to see if my fellow Americans in fact care about valid troubles that dictate our recent state, each collectively and individually. Items like war, economic liberty, monetary policy, massive organization, large government, taxation, representation and various other concerns. Instead of redundant and self defeating factors which are employed as a catalyst for national division and polarization that could be solved locally if required, like prayer in schools, gay rights or abortion.

So what is important to you? Please be particular and clarify.

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Answer by Cricket

We’ve been ignoring the Chinese for too lengthy, time to begin our retaliation against them.

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Question by tm99: Invasive plants, is there any hope for receiving the native and all-natural balance back?
Right here in the Northeast(south eastern NY), lots of woods/forests are entirely covered with these agressive and destructive invasive plants like bitter sweet, Japanese something anything, each where. I can only imagine how the native trees are gasping for air and sunlight below this drowning wave of invasion. Shouldn’t the local and federal government do anything true about this difficulty. I mean we are speaking about losing the all-natural flora and at some point fauna for great.
It really is quite true that there is this pathetic lack of knowledge on the consequence of letting invasive plants sneak in and thrive. I went to a massive nursery and asked about native plants and the worker there looked at me and was attempting quite challenging to cover his ignorance about the problem. Why cannot they teach these issue in schools?

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Answer by Zucchinisinbikinis
At last! an intelligent question!

I live in Australia where the exact same tragic factor is taking place. There is a great deal we can do, but it has to be on a mass scale.

For a start off, individuals have to cease planting invasive weeds in their gardens, in reserves, and public parks. This indicates they have to EDUCATE themselves about the native flora.

They would often locate there is a suitable native plant to substitute for the exotic they had planned to cultivate, and that the natives need much less water, fertiliser, and insecticide as effectively.

We also have to pressure governments to take action, such as stopping nurseries/garden centres from selling invasive weeds and profiting from the destruction of native flora.

good on you!!!

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New York, NY (PRWEB) November 21, 2012

Dr. Stephanie Webb recently started working alongside Dr. Shoshany, she is the newest member of a growing practice that focuses on patient centered care. This “Medical Home” model is now being pushed by Obamacare, as well as independent non profit education and accreditation organizations like URAC. The benefits of making integrated treatment methods easily available for patients have been apparent to doctors for years, and policy makers are finally getting on board.

Dr. Webb attended the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine, completed her internship at North Shore LIJ, and her residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at NYU – Rusk Institute. Dr Webb went on to complete her fellowship year at Florida Spine Institute in Interventional Spine and pain management. The Florida Spine Institute is the leading provider of non surgical pain treatment in the country. Dr Webb is an expert in treating back pain, specifically the cervical (neck), to the lumbar spine (lower back). When it comes to treating back pain she says: “Understanding structural problems and being able to correct them, will help the body heal which leads to good health.”

Dr. Webb is excited to be a part of a team that specializes in integrated techniques that focus on a non surgical approach. Her thoughts on a team oriented approach: ” to work together under one roof, and discuss each individual patient. This allows us to come up with a cohesive care plan to help the patient get out of pain and remain pain free, and lead a healthy life. This is what distinguishes us from other practices.” The long term solution is about better treatment, utilizing a cohesive method of treatment, assessment, and addressing the root cause of pain. That is what Dr. Webb and Dr. Shoshany like to focus on.

Dr. Webb chose Osteopathic Medicine because it appealed to her to treat the person as a whole instead of addressing specific symptoms. The body works as a complete system and when one part is affected the others will be too. She likes to be able to look at the big picture and treat the actual cause of pain but Dr. Webb is also able to employ powerful injections that provide immediate results. These treatments include: Ultrasound guided Supartz knee injections, which are a form of Joint Fluid Therapy. She can also perform fluoroscopic epidurals as well as steroidal (facet, sacroiliac) injections.

NYC Chiropractor Dr. Steven Shoshany has always been on the forefront of bringing disciplines together to help patients. The growing patient-centered “medical home” type model has been gaining traction for some time and has been advocating for patient centered health care.

Dr. Steven Shoshany has been reaching out to multiple disciplines for the benefit of his patients for years, and has been glad to see this trend towards patient- centered care take hold. Currently he works alongside medical doctors, chiropractors, pain management specialists, and massage therapists, and hopes to continue to work and expand the treatments and techniques that have been providing exemplary results for his patients.

To schedule a consultation or to find out more about Dr. Webb or Dr. Shoshany visit:, or call: 212 645 8151.

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Question by teeewalk: Isn’t it strange how some conservatives believe that tax revenues just “disappear” into the ethos?
These people really don’t understand that this money goes to pay for defense spending, roads, bridges, not to mention paying down the national debt.

Are they really so selfish that they would destroy their own country just to keep a few dollars?
And after the US defaults, all this money they hoarded will be worthless.

So illogical and short-sighted.

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Answer by MSG Snarky
Explain why the pentagon is still looking into where alot of money went that cannot be accounted for.

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Question by Mr NiceGuy: Do Republicans realize that a stimulus bill and a spending bill are the same thing?
When you spend money it stimulates the economy.
Stimulus= Spending.
Mebbe I should use smaller words…..
Yah, that’s what I thought…..

Well, if this anti stimulus plank in your platform don’t work out, at least you have that “Obama is a scary muslim/ anti-Christ/ terrorist” thing to fall back on.

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Answer by ggentry
Not really.

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